Looking Glass TuTus

Curiously Cute Tutus

Custom Tutus For Adults and Kids

Design a colorful, fluffy tutu for yourself or for your kids! Pick up to 4 skirt colors and up to 3 layers of poofiness. Optional matching bow included. All made-to-order tutus are handmade and ship within 14 business days.

Adult Tutus

Sizes SM to XL

Custom Tutus For Adults

Made to Order

Plus Size Tutus

Sizes 1X to 3X

Custom Plus Size Tutus

Made to Order

Kids Tutus

Sizes 18 Months to 6T

Custom Made Kids Tutus

Made to Order

Handmade Tutu Dresses For Kids

These tutu dresses are inspired by princesses, fairy tales, superheroes, beloved characters, holidays, and mother nature. Tutu dresses include a lined top and fit 18 months to 8 years. All made-to-order tutu dresses are handmade and ship within 14 business days.

Beauty and the Beast Princess TuTu Dresses

Princess Dresses

Made to Order

Fairy Tale TuTu Dresses

Fairy Tale Dresses

Made to Order

Wonder Woman Superhero TuTu Dresses

Superhero Dresses

Made to Order

Character TuTu Dresses

Character Dresses

Made to Order

Holiday TuTu Dresses

Holiday Dresses

Made to Order

Nature TuTu Dresses

Nature Dresses

Made to Order

Custom Tutu Dresses

Design a child's tutu dress: Pick a top color and up to 4 skirt colors. Custom tutu dresses fit 18 months to 8 years and ship within 14 business days.

Kids Custom TuTu Dresses

Made to Order

Pre-Made Tutu Dresses

Pre-made dresses are in stock and ready to ship n 3-5 business days. All In Stock tutu dresses are hand-made and fit 18 months to 8 years.

Pre Made TuTu Dresses

In Stock